APOTHEKER From Budapest FISCHER From Mannheim ,Germany #hungary

Abuwasta Abuwasta

Dear Siggers and Genners,
My late father in law David APOTHEKER(1908-1995) who was the youngest son w=
as born in Bardejov,Slovakia had several siblings. He filled in the early 1=
970s PoTs at Yad Vashem with a help of friend who knew little more Hebrew t=
han he.
We knew that he had a brother who lived before the war in Budapest=A0 but n=
one of the PoTs for his several brothers mentions Budapest.
Recently Yad Vashem added more names >from other sources(German& Hungarian v=
ictims lists) and we realize now that the dates of birth he gave were not a=
ccurate(deviations of 5 to 8 years in each direction). But we found out tha=
t his brother Leo/Leibish APOTHEKER was born actually in 1899(and not in 19=
07) and he is the one who lived in Budapest. His name was actually Juda Lei=
b APOTHEKER and in Hungary he was called Lipot APOTHEKER.He was shot on 17/=
I checked www.neveklarsfeld.org for APOTHEKER and found that his spouse
Carta nee FISCHER(b. 1895 in Mannheim) survived the war and in 1946 lived a=
t 6,Csengery in Budapest.
I am being told that in Hungary they used to mention the mother's surname,n=
ot the father's so we do not know what was Carta's father surname.
Needless to say that we are surprised and excited but need more leads.Maybe=
some of their children survived as well(if they ever had children).
I would ask the readers to check this at NEVEK website since I am not acqua=
inted with it.
If any of the above rings a bell or if any one has an idea how to follow it=
in Mannheim, Germany please let me know.
Jacob Rosen

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