Romanian Jewish Records #hungary

Beth Long

Just to clarify the situation regarding transcription of Romanian Jewish records,
my undesrtanding is as follows (please chime in if you are organizing a transcription
project not covered below, so others don't duplicate your efforts!):

1. Maramures Jewish Records Transcription Project (organized by Brooke Ganz). Her
website (link below) will give you all information you need on the status of this

2. Oradea/Nagyvarad and vicinity transcription project (organized by Sam Schleman)
His e-mail is

In addition to these two ongoing projects, there are a number of sets of Jewish
records which are available for "adoption" for any person/group who would like to
organize thie own transcription project. Sam and Brooke can give you advice on this
, and Vivian Kahn can provide you with a document which lists the Jewish Gen guidelines
for such projects.

Records sets which I am in possession of are City of Szatmar/Satu Mare (10 volumes,
the city only, and not other towns in Szatmar County)

I am also currently having 15 volumes of Cluj County Jewish records photographed,
though this is just about 1/3 of the total that are available.

I hope this clarifies the situation; I an NOT personally organizing any
transcription projects, but do have some sets of original Jewish records on DVD.

Beth Long

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