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Beth Long

Hi Peter,

I found the 1848 Jewish Census for Abauj-Torna at the Hungarian National Archives. It is on films 48389 and 48990. I ran across it quite by accident. I live in Budapest, so if there is a reasonable number of things you would like me to look for, I will do so.

Beth Long

Now, if I could just find the 1848 census fro Zemplen....

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From: Peter Kuhn <>
Subject: [h-sig] Location of 1869/1857/1848 Census for Szepes, Abauj-Torna?
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Date: Wednesday, October 27, 2010, 7:36 AM


Does anyone know the location (or the existence) of the following records?
1869 Census for towns (other than Csany/Cana) in Abauj-Torna.
1857 Census for the town of Fony, Abauj-Torna.
1857 Census for towns in Szepes/Spis county.
1848 Census for towns (other than Huncovce/Hunfalu and Tatra region)
in Szepes/Spis county.
I have found most of the Census records for these counties except the
above. I have been given various answers >from archivists ("not here,
over there", "do not exist"), but was wondering if anyone had anything
definitive on their whereabouts.

*****Also, I have spent the last 3 months researching my family
history in many of the archives, city registers, towns, and cemeteries
in Szepes/Spis, Saros/Saris, and Abauj- Torna counties in Slovakia and
northern Hungary, including long stints in the Levoca, Presov, Kosice,
and Budapest archives. If anyone needs any up to date information on
what is contained in some of these archives or cemeteries or any other
info on the towns that are listed below, please contact me.*****

Peter Kuhn

BALDINGER: Dravecz(Dravce)
BENEDEK: Alsonovaj(Novajidrany, Idrany), Faj, Litka, Nagyvarad(Oradea), Vizsoly
EDELMAN: Hrabkov (Hrabko), Kosice (Kassa), Krizovany, Palocsa(Plavec), Tokaj
ENGEL: Hrissocz(Hrisovce)
FUCHS: Litka
GARTENFELD: Alsonovaj(Novajidrany, Idrany), Felsoszend (Szala,
Szalaszend), Fulo Kercs, Hernadvecse, Tolcsva, Vizsoly
GRUNBAUM: Alsonovaj(Novajidrany, Idrany), Vizsoly
GRUNFELD: Alsonovaj(Novajidrany, Idrany), Felsoszend (Szala, Szalaszend)
HALMOS: Basko, Cana(Hernadcsany, Csany), Gergelak(Gregorovce), Kosice (Kassa)
HERCZ: Felso Szalok (Vysny Slavkov, Ober Shlauch), Haligovce(Haligocz),
HERSCHKOVITS: Abaujvar(Ujvar, Ujvaros), Abauj Nadasd, Basko,
Csecs(Cecejovce), Fony, Gava, Gergelak(Gregorovce), Regecz(Regec)
KERTESZ: Kosice(Kassa)
PETERFREUND: Bystrany(Welbach, Velbachy), Spissky
Hrusov(SzepesKortvelyes), Spisske Vlachy(SzepesOlaszi, Spisske
Podhradie(SzepesVaralja), Felso Szalok (Vysny Slavkov, Ober Shlauch),
SCHWARTZ: Gava, Huncovce(Hunfalu, Hunsdorf), Spissky Hrhov (Gorg, Gorgo),
SPICZ: Buzica(Buzita), Faj, Litka,
WEISZ: Csecs(Cecejovce), Fony
WEISZLOVITZ: Gergelak(Gregorovce), Ostrovany(Ostropatak),
Sabinov(Kis-szeben), Spissky Hrhov (Gorg, Gorgo)
*All of above towns are in either Szepes/Spis or Saros/Saris or Abauj-Torna.

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