Re: Hercegszanto_is_missing_from_Town_Search #hungary


Not so much in answer to the question, but a general tip: hungarian spelling=
changed around the time of the first world war (or possibly a bit later),=
and "c" replaced the older form of "cz". (but as far as i know, the=
pronunciation remained exactly the same.)

in at least one source,'s 1913 gazetteer of "greater hungary",=
it is spelled herczegsza'nto', with a "z".

tom klein, toronto

yefimk@... wrote:

Hi, I am researching town of HERCEGSZ=A1NT" in current Hungary, and for so=
reason Town Search does not give anything, but when I tried get some people
from that town, I got results.
Not only HERCEGSZ=A1NT" does not appear in Town Search, but even a district
town of Bacs-Kiskun.

Any idea why these towns are missing >from the Town Search?

Yefim Kogan

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