Abraham STERN, 1793 census etc #austria-czech

Thomas Fuerth <08.330516@...>

I have found the rigth Abraham STERN first through Julius Mueller who found
his son Wolf in the Familianten book. Wolf STERN was father of my
grandfather´s grandmother. Then I got information >from a third cousin in
Prague Jiri Dubsky, who´s father made a family tree where Abraham and his
wife Rosina were amog all other names. I got their birth and death dates
this way. Then I got information >from Alex Calzareth - who also is related
to this Abraham Stern - about the inventory in Judaica Bohemiae, where all
the children are listed. Then I went to the 1793 census vol I and III. In
the inventory it says that Abraham owned a house in Kardasch Retschitz and
in vol III page 348 I found two of his sons there: my Wolf and a brother
Joachim. In vol I page 260 Trebon you will find all the children. And in vol
III page 333 you will find Abraham STERN´s sepmother Francisca widow after
Elias STERN, who was Abraham´s father.

Three of the eleven children of Abraham were married and their husbans´names
were in the inventory and I found all three of them in the 1793 census. One
of the marreid daughters were Anna. She was married to Lazar FUERTH and
their daughter is the link to Susie´s family tree. How Lazar FUERTH is
related to my FUERTH I do not know yet, but he as well as my FUERTH people
are >from Susice.

This long answer only to show that I think that the printed version of the
1793 census is very good source to trace relatives. But you must read
through all the books because people moved and lived at different places and
you must combine with information >from vital records and Familianten books.

On internet http://www.rozmberk.org/English/index.html I also found a map
of the Jewish houses in Kardasch Retschitz with all the names of the house
owners. When I first found this site I did not know that this Abraham STERN
was my Abraham, but now I know that he was. Something happened with this
web site and there is only the text left no pictures and no map. But I have
a copy of the map.

Thomas Fuerth
Stockholm, Sweden

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