Migration fm Bohemia-Moravia #hungary

Beth Long

Hi Paul,

You are correct that very few Jews in NE Hungary appear to have come >from Bohemia/Moravia in the eighteenth century. In fact, I have seen none that I can remember. The ones whose origin I remember seeing mainly came >from Galicia, Some also arrived in the Sarospatak area >from Saros and Sepes counties and >from the far NE part of Zemplen. These were all part of Hungary at the time (they are now in Slovakia), but I suspect they were basically a "way station" >from Galicia as well.

Beth Long

--- On Mon, 12/6/10, Paul King <pauledking@gmail.com> wrote (in part):

From: Paul King <pauledking@gmail.com>

...What seems somewhat doubtful to me >from Mr. Miller's question is the likelihood that Bohemian and (mostly) Moravian Jews reached eastern Hungary. They tended to cross the border and settle in the western area of Hungary, a generation later moving further inland.

Paul King

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