Re: Taking wives names/illegitimacy #hungary


I wish to correct one small error in Madeleine's posting and not to disagree with her
direction of thought.

If you read the original Deceased Wife's Sister's Marriage Act of 1907 (rather than
wikipediea, whose article seems to have been withdrawn) it is apparent that contrary
to Madeleine's suggestion, this act made marriage between a man and his dead wife's
sister entirely legal and legitimate for most civil purposes in Britain.

So this act is wrongly cited as an example of the Austro-Hungarian prohibition.
This British act was intended as a liberalisation, against the prior Christian religious
climate of opinion that such marriage was wrong. The act even provides a way around a
clergyman refusing to conduct such a marriage on moral grounds, by dictating that such
a clergyman must step aside and allow another clergyman to conduct the marriage.

Hope this helps

Dan Haas
Winchester GB
Researching: FEUERMANN, HAAS, KLEIN, LINKS, MEISEL in Hungary; FELDMANN in Germany

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