Abraham Stern - Cross Reference in the 1793 Census #austria-czech

Amira Kohn-Trattner <amira.kt@...>

Thank you Celia for the detailed research steps which are so interesting to
follow. I also appreciated your comment about the search in the indexes and
the census as an art in itself. Several months ago, I went to the New York
Public Library to see whether I can have a look at the 1793 census. The NY
Public Library does not have the Census but I was informed that they could
request it on loan >from several universities. The four volumes arrived in
NY after several weeks >from Stamford University. I spent a day researching
and found it so fascinating but also very difficult to figure it out. May I
suggest the possibility of a conference/workshop for those of us who would
like to learn some of the research methods? It could be a nice get together

Amira Kohn-Trattner
New York, N.Y.

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