Need advise how to continue #hungary


During the last years I did not advance with my research on my maternal
grandfather's family and I hope that going out with the information I
have just now, some of you could advice me how to go further. I have no
one to ask >from the older generations.
My grandfather, Zsigmond RO¨SSLER, was born on 4 Sept 1888 Gross
Kikinda/Nagy Becskerek/Zrenjanin, Vojvodina (Austria - Hungary). His
parents were Mor RO¨SSLER and Ciczilia BERGENTHAL (information on the
back of a picture). According to the family story, :)
his parents died when he was 2-3 years old and as he was the last child
(of 13) still at home, the neighbors sold the house and with the money
sewed in his coat, sent him alone, by train, to Budapest, to an elder
sister who lived there. I found several
pictures of my grandfather. One made in 1905 in Nagy Becskerek, one made
in Wien in 1915 addressed to: My dear sister (no first name) and my
brother-in-law Erno¨ DEIM, Budapest, Koral utca 32. Other pictures are
from the ww1 addressed to the
same sister (without first name) and to the brother-in-law Erno DEIM who
were living in 1916 in Budapest, Nagymezö utca 32, II and in 1918 in
Budapest, Koral utca 9. I also heard that some of the siblings lived in

Does anybody have an idea on how to go further?

Susanna Vendel, Stockholm
ROSSLER -Austro-Hungary; ROSSMAN - Budapest, Alba Iuli;
WEISZ - Valea lui Mihai, Salonta, Oradea: WAGNER - Sighet

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