Mano, Lazi and Zelda LOFFLER, Budapest #hungary


A family legend is that my great uncle, Mano (Menachem, Manis) LOFFLER /
served as the Hungarian ambassador in Germany. If it is not a fiction,
my guess is that it was for a short time during the Hungarian Soviet
Republic in 1919.
Later on he returned to Budapest and, while being a cantor, operated
with his son Lazi (Leopold, Eliezer), a Minyan (small synagogue) in
He died of illness in 1940, his son Lazi was murdered in 1944
after saving life of other Jews by pretending to be a Nazi officer.
Presumably his wife Zelda saved others
by hiding them in her house in Budapest during 1944.
Any idea how to verify it, and how to find more information about the above?

Yohanan Loeffler
Melbourne Australia

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