Place Name Deciphered! #hungary


Thanks to everyone who responded to my request for help determining
the name of the place where my great-aunt's husband was born. I was
overwhelmed by your generosity!

The consensus is that the place name that appears in the marriage
record for my great-aunt Rikel KAHAN and Mechel FUX is Rusz Pojana,
which is an incorrect version of Rusz Polyana. R. Polyana, also
called Hovasmezo, is now Poienile de sub Munte. It's not too far >from
Sighet, where Rikel was born, AND has quite a few FUX families.

Since posting my message I've received further confirmation that Rikel
and Mechel lived in Rusz Polyana including a list of some birth
records >from Cherie Korer that included two of their daughters. I
already knew that there was a daughter named Frimet. Now I know her
birth date and the name and birth date for one of her sisters!

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, CA

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