LOFFLER Mano #hungary


Ad Tiszalök:
Ms. Ágnes Szegõ, an expert researcher of that area has checked library
resources and found the last record of the Jewish community of Tiszalök from
April 1944 when Armin Fried served as deputy Rabbi. No other relevant data
so far.

Ad Löffler
I have checked the Budapest marriage records and found a father Mano, son
Lipót pair, unfortunately not the "real one" as learnt >from Yohanan. I have
also checked the combined database of the Hungarian archives
(http://www.archivportal.arcanum.hu/lear/opt/a100512.htm?v=pdf&;a=start) but
could not find anything about Mano Loffler.

Andras Hirschler
Budapest, Hungary

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