Announcement - Sub-Carpathia Portal and Research Group mail list #hungary

Marshall Katz

A Sub-Carpathia Research Group mail list has been created for researchers
with Jewish roots in villages and towns located in present-day Ukraine
but were formerly located in those parts of the pre-1918 Hungarian counties
of Bereg, Maramaros, Ugocsa and Ung, the 1918-1939 Czechoslovak territory
Podkarpatska Rus' (Subcarpathia Russia) and the inter-war Hungarian
territory called Carpatho-Ukraine.

Please note that while, today, parts of Bereg are in Hungary/Ukraine,
parts of
Maramaros are in Romania/Ukraine, parts of Ugocsa are in Romania/Ukraine
parts of Ung are in Slovakia/Ukraine, this discussion mail list is only
concerned with those parts of these four former Hungarian counties that are
in present-day Ukraine.

For those parts of Bereg in Hungary/Romania today, Maramaros in Romania
today, Ugocsa in Romania today and Ung in Slovakia today, visit Hungary
SIG or Romania SIG, but you are welcome to sign-up for this list, too.

Additionally, to complement the Sub-Carpathia Research Group mail list, a
Sub-Carpathia Portal (web site) was created for the specific purpose of
gathering, presenting and preserving genealogical and historical
about Jewish life in Sub-Carpathia in the former Hungarian counties of
Bereg, Maramaros, Ugocsa and Ung, as defined above. The web site portal is
always a work in-progress. Therefore, if you have content of interest to
all, to enrich the portal, please contact me via the e-mail link at the

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Marshall KATZ
Camp Hill, PA, USA

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