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Alex Magocsi

My apologies. I should have said Given Names and not Surnames (family
names) on the subject line and in the body of the text.

It is perhaps obvious >from the body of my request but nevertheless, I
felt I had to clarify.

Alex - red-faced.

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Subject: Hungarian Surnames
Date: Mon, 23 May 2011 13:37:18 -0400
From: Alex Magocsi <awmjr@...>
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Melchior Lengyel was a Hungarian writer who was born Lebovics Menyhe'rt.

My first question pertains to his surnames. Is Menyhe'rt the Hungarian
equivalent of Melchior?
In pursuing my own family history, I have seen both names used for, I
believe, the same person, in documents >from the late 18th century in

The second question:
Is the female surname Erzset equivalent to Erzsebet and Elisabeth?
Here again, I believe I am seeing this surname used for the same person.

Thank you for any feedback that can be provided.

Alex Magocsi
York, York, Maine, USA

Researching MAGOCSI in Gyula-Jovancza, Tolna megye, Hungary

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