Relationship words #hungary


Good thing I had to go back and look at the original document. >from the Pester Lloyd, death notice for my great-grandmother Racz Samune, Auguszta Moskovits.
I was correct in remembering that the people named were either nephew or brother-in-law. Not because of one word, but because three people are named with two relationship possibilities. I only know one of them.
"Moskovits Gyula, Ronay Dezso", dr. Schuster Mihaly, so"gorai e's sza'mos unoka "

I know that Schuster Mihaly was her nephew. I also know that Ronay Dezso was actually David Rosenberg the son of Samuel, not my grandfather Samuel. Gyula Moskovits is a mystery, not found by me, so far.

So the last is a nephew. The other two?

Peter Bakos

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