Braslav Museum of Regional Historical Studies #belarus

David M. Fox <fox@...>

I learned >from some who I correspond with privately that there
is a "Braslav Museum of Regional Historical Studies.

The director of the museum (Mr. Shidlovsky) writes that they have several
booklets available [in Russian and Belarussian] that he is
willing to send but that he cannot afford to mail them as this would
be prohibitively expensive.

He also indicated that the folks at Kibbutz Lohamei Haghetaot wrote
the Braslav yizkor book.

He says that he knew Noam Amdur, the last Jew of "old" Braslav, that Noam
died this past June and that his sister >from Israel came for the memorial

Mr.Shidlovsky also indicated that he has some lists of
owners of houses >from the 1859 to 1860 time frame. These apparently
include Braslav and surrounding shtetls.

He says that the Jewish population of Braslav doubled during the 19th
century with most newcomers moving in came >from western Kovno guberniya.

Then he writes that an archive in Molodechno, a subarchive of the main
one in Minsk, has 20th century lists of tradepeople and owners of private

Although I personally have no connections with Braslav, I wanted to post
this message for those who have an interest in Braslav and the surrounding
area and also to point out that new sources of "lists" are being uncovered
all the time (as evidenced by the subarchive in Molodechno and the Braslav
Museum) and Belarus researchers who have not yet found what they are
for should never give up!

David Fox
Arnold, MD
Belarus SIG Coordinator

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