Re: More Records Uncovered in Minsk Archive #belarus

Clifford Karchmer <ckarchmer@...>


I received your e-mail about the Avotaynu article and the Minsk archive.
I have a question about the two places named Liady. Is one of them
Lida--the Belarus town somewhat near Voronova and Radun??


Cliff Karchmer

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Mr. Soshnikov spelled the town name as Liadny in the
"Avotaynu" article. I could not find this spelling in "Where Once We
Walked" by Sack and Mokotoff. I did find a Lyady (Liady, Lyadi) 38 km
ESE of Minsk (5347/2805). WOWW has Lida 146 km WSW of Minsk (5353/2518).
I think we are talking about at least two different places, perhaps three,
if the spelling in the article is correct. WOWW is an excellent reference
book to help locate your shtetls. It has the lat. and long. so you can
find the towns on a map or use the JewishGen Shtetlseeker.

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