Re: MARKUS Dezso, Hadnagy #hungary


i believe that this book was mentioned a few=20
times in the jewishgen and h-sig list, as far=20
back as 2000. it was published in 1940,=20
presumably as a "reminder" of the jewish=20
community's patriotism.

there is a mention of a copy at yad vashem.

i'm not aware of any source that might have it=20
available online (, which has the=20
"magyar zsido lexikon", would be my first=20
suspect, but ic ouldn't find it there). i think=20
it might be an interesting project to either scan=20
it or even just to index it, and maybe jewishgen=20
could be persuaded to host it. (copyrights=20

tom klein, toronto wrote:

There is a book about Jews in WW1, it was on auction in 2002 (>from Google):

Judaica auction 24 March 2002 - Books, small prints - Im Cache
2002. marc. 24. =92=C4 Magyar Hadviselt Zsidok=20
Aranyalbuma. (Memory album of the Jewish=20
soldiers and awarded heroes of World War 1, in=20
ornamented cover, ..

but I can't say where can you have an access to the book

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch
Moderator: Anyone interested in coordinating a transcription project, if feasible??

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