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Yes, there were at least 10 Ornagyok, 31 Szazadosok, 37 Fohagnagyok,
93 Hagnagyok. For the entire list, see Bela Bernstein's _A
negyvennyolcas magyar szabadsagharc es a zsido (originally published
in 1898, republished by Mult es Jovo in 1998). There is a lengthy
appendix with all of the names (though I did not find a Scheiner among

Michael Miller

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1. Were there Jewish lieutenants in 1849?


Subject: Were there Jewish lieutenants in 1849?
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I came across a reference to "Scheiner fo:hadnagy" ("Lieutenant
SCHEINER") in a Hungarian text about a war in 1849. This is the right
time and in the right area (near Torokszentmiklos) for it to be one of
my relatives. Is it possible that this officer was Jewish? How could I
find out more about him? The place that I found the reference is here:

Joe Slater
Melbourne, =A0Australia

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