Re: Mistake or name changed #hungary

Amos Israel Zezmer

My grandfather's name has appeared as Izrael and Izidor on various
documents, and he lived and passed away in the Sub-Carpathian region of
the former Austro-Hungarian empire.

I hope this helps.

Yerres, France

the Humenne' / Zempli'n / Mukacheve triangle.

On 25-Jul-11 11:22, wrote:

When I began my research in 2005, for my ggfather I only known his name
(SONNENFELD/SONENFELD), first name (IsraÍl), his year of birth (1853)
and where he was born (S� rospatak, Hungary).

After have looked at on JewisGen for the births, I thought to have find
his parents and siblings. But now I ask me if I have not do a mistake.

At this date I read his mother's maiden name : "Czili Czipre". To be
sure and learn more I looked at in a Center to Paris the LDS microfilm,
and there for her maiden name I read something like SZANIRINE
(hungarian name).

The problem for me is that recently I read on my gfather's birth
certificate an other maiden name : Cäcilia LIEBERMANN. I think this
last is the good because Czili and Cäcilia is same first name on
soundex names.

So I ask me if her maiden name was changed or if the translation was
bad ?

It's necessary for me to resolve this point beacuse I found a census
1869 for Cäcilia SONNENFELD, maiden name LIEBERMANN but with other
children and without a son named IsraÍl

Unless my great-great grandmother had made a false statement by
changing the dates of birth and surnames

An other thing : is IsraÍl and Izidor the same first name ?

Can somebody help me ?

Thank you in advance.

Elisabeth Stamminger-Sonnenfeld
from France

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