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His profession was mag'anz'o, my dictinary translates it as person of independent means or private means. May be somebody has a better translation.

The place he was born is Szirak, in the German Wikipedia is following:
Sziråk [ˈsiraːk] (deutsch frßher Zirok[1]) ist eine Gemeinde in Ungarn im Komitat Nógråd und liegt am Fu�e des Cserhåt-Gebirges, etwa 90 km nordÜstlich von Budapest." German Zirok a community in county Nograd, at the Cserhat mountains about 90 km northeast >from Budapest.

The geographical coordinates are 47° 50� N, 19° 32� O and it has a WEB site

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Hello friends -

The Hungarian civil registrations that are now available in are a gold mine. I was delighted to find the record of the death of my
ancestor, Mor SEIDNER. Unfortunately, the Hungarian handwriting still
gives me trouble! The following link takes you to Seidner's death record for
June 15, 1902, in Budapest VII. There are three things I can't quite make
out (and therefore can't find a translation),

1)under his name is his occupation, which looks something like "mapaust".
He had been in the clothing business, and then his son was in the liquor
business, but I can't figure this out.

2)under the occupation which is under his name, it names the place in
Nograd county where he was born. I had always thought he was born in
Salgotarjan, but this place looks like Kira'k, Hira'k, or Bira'k - none of which I
can find anywhere.

3)the last column has a note made which I don't understand at all.

I have included the link below to go to the record. Many thanks to anyone
who can help, and please respond to me privately, off-list, as I can't
imagine this means anything to anyone else. Again, thank you to this
wonderful group.

Michele Sankar

SEIDNER(Nograd, Budapest)
FLEISSIG (Nograd? Budapest?)
WINTER (Salgotarjan, Kisterenye, Abauj-Szina)
GLOCKNER (Somogy, Budapest)
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