PORJES and WURM Family names #hungary

Madeleine Isenberg

To H-SIGgers,

In an old exchange of e-mails, one Gyorgy Ujlaki indicated that among
the names he was researching were PORJES and WURM.

As noted before in H-SIG correspondece, I have collections of B, M, D
from the Spis Region of Slovakia. I work on this constantly, updating
and correcting information.

One female PORJES is married to Lipman/Leopold GOLDSTEIN, but he is
NOT part of my Goldstein family. And there are a couple more death
records for PORJESes.

I also have WURMs in my own family >from the Spis Region.

I live in Los Angeles, CA, and I believe there is also a PORJES family
here, because I mentioned to them that I had some records.They were
vaguely interested, but I could get their contact information.

I hope someone knows how to reach Gyorgy, because all e-mails that I
had for him, including the most recent: <snip>do
not work. I thought I had found him at a business in China, but while
there was a person with exactly the same name, it was not the right


Madeleine (nee GOLDSTEIN) Isenberg
and others connected to the above through marriage, etc., in Galicia,
Slovakia and Hungary


Moderator: Please contact Madeleine off-list if you can help. The private e-mail she included has been
deleted per JewishGen policy.

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