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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Herbert Schwarz of Toronto is looking for the Bohemian SCHWARZ family.
He has Nathan SCHWARZ born Chausnik, married to Lidmila. Their son
(Herbert's gt-grandfather) Jakob SCHWARZ was born Aug. 30. 1811 in
Chausnik, he was married to Barbara.

Their son Moritz SCHWARZ was born 26 Feb 1852 in Gauftnitz-Stadl
[Gauftnitz could be Chausnik]; Moritz was married to Franciska (Fani)
POPPER born May 14,1856 in Radnin - Radenin and Chausnik are both in
the Tabor Area.

This search also yielded its frustrations as Chausnik is not indexed
[forgotten perhaps?] but is listed in the Table of Jewish Communities
of the Tabor Kreis [Vol III p 420]. It was not too difficult to find by
thumbing through and by looking up *SCHWARZ*.

However, had Herbert checked the Austria-Czech message archive [a
prerequisite for any posting] he should have noticed that I had written
about this SCHWARZ family very recently - 20th October 2005, STEIN
family of Skopitetz. Please enter *Chausnik* into the Austria-Czech
SIG message archive *search box* and you will find the reference to

I cannot emphasise too strongly that this archival message search
offers us a goldmine of cross-linked data.

In 1793, Jakob SCHWARZ {Herbert's gtgtgt-grandfather] lives in a
rented property in Chausnik, [Choustnik], Tabor Kreis surrounded
by his large family [Vol III p 328]. He deals in tobacco, wool,
feathers and miscellaneous textiles. His wife is Barbara. The happy
couple have four unmarried sons: Nathan, Wolf, Alexander and Jakob
as well as five daughters, Sara, Susanna, Paula, Sibilla and Elisabetha.

So this must be Herbert's gtgt-grandfather *Nathan*, as there is no
other Schwarz in Chausnik. As Nathan's son, Jakob, was born in 1811
we might assume that the latest Nathan could have married was in 1810
i.e. Nathan might have been born in 1785. In fact, logically, the
latest he could be born is mid-1789 as he is the oldest of four boys
and the census was taken on 28th January 1793. Anyway, Jakob Snr must
have been born at the latest ca 1760.

The Jewish families in Chausnik are SCHMOLKA, KOHNx4, LAFLER [umlaut];
HERRMANN & METZEL. A schoolboy >from Prague called Samuel WEISKOPF is
staying with Samuel KOHN and his family and Herschel METZKER >from
Drachowitz is an apprentice in the distillery of Juda HERRMANN.

They above named families are the permanent residents of Chausnik but
they have a schoolmaster Jakob LINKER >from Horzepnik/Horepnik, Tabor
Kreis. There are no other LINKER in the Tabor Kreis but there is a
book-dealer [very rare in this census] called David BERG and his wife,
Judita, who live in house No 15 Horzepnik. I would not be surprised
if Jakob LINKER took a few of David BERG's second-hand books with him
to Chausnik to use in his lessons to the nine SCHWARZ children.

Herbert owes Jakob LINKER, their teacher, a big thank you for his efforts.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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