Re: general store in Satoraljauhely #hungary


welcome to (hungarian) jewish genealogy!

i can't help you much with satoraljaujhely, although i'm sure others
here can, but i can point out that KLEIN is one of the most common
hungarian jewish names, and, as my mother used to point out, there
was (at least) one KLEIN family in every town and village in hungary,
and generally speaking not related to one another.

just for fun, look up KLEIN and a few other "typical jewish names" in
the 1891 industry and trade directory on
<>, which shows both frequency of
occurrence, and their geographic distribution. it's an interesting

....... tom klein, toronto wrote:

I am presently taking a class on JewishGen and my professor suggested I
write and see if anyone has any knowledge of a general store in
Satoraljauhely owned by the KLEIN family in the early 1900's. My
greatgrandfather was Yehuda Lieb (Louis or Lajos) KLEIN, and my grandmother,
Tovah (Etel) KLEIN worked there as a child before she came to the US in
1921. I was also told by my grandmother that the mountains started at the
end of their street, although I have no address. Thank you in advance for
any suggestions.

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