Re: Yiddish/Hungarian name spelling needed #hungary


names are always a genealogical question!

the hungarian version of susan is zsuzsanna, which comes >from the
biblical hebrew shoshanah, which means lily (and is often
mistranslated as rose). other common forms of it are zsuzsa and

"sosze" would be pronounced "shoh-seh", which i'm not familiar with,
but it's possible.

the jewishgen given names database yielded: "shosa/shosha", "shoshe",
"sase", "shosha", using the "hungary" option (whatever that means,
since almost all the names are listed as "yiddish" anyways, and the
spelling clearly DOESN'T follow hungarian orthography).

for the purposes of a ketubah, the mother's hebrew name isn't
normally used, but if you need it, sussa laya can be spelled
sin-vav-sin-heh lamed-alef-heh. (preferably with a sin rather than
a samekh, despite yiddish spelling rules, since the name is
originally biblical hebrew.)

....... tom klein, toronto

ps. to research the name more thoroughly, you might try to find your
ggm's birth record (if the mormons have the records on microfilm).
the birth registers often (but not always) included the jewish name,
in hebrew letters.

momteller@... wrote:

Maybe this is not a genealogy question but I have seen this name
discussed here. My Yiddish name is Sussa Laya (ggm >from
Sarkosujlak). My great uncle spelled it the Hungarian way : Sosze.
I wrote my Budapest cousin and she said it must be Yiddish not
Hungarian. My son needs the spelling for his ketubah!!! Sossa?

Susan Stone
Evanston, IL

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