Hungarian Birth Record Translation Help Needed! #hungary


I've found the 1902 birth record of my maternal ggm Gizella Fein (nee
Rosler/Rozsler), excerpted >from the Hungarian Civil Records (for =
Budapest VIII kerulet) on Family Search.

We're completely perplexed; not only were we unaware that perhaps my ggm =
was illegitimate, but her mother's name on the birth record differs >from =
that of my ggm's marriage records (and my gggm's death record); that is, Netti =
Izsak nee Rozsler.

The excerpted image is on ViewMate #2203 (link: =A0If =
is able to loosely translate it so we can figure out what=92s going on, =
greatly appreciate it.

Please help us resolve this mystery!

Thanks and koszonom,
Ronnie Lebi
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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