Searching for FELDER and SCHIRMER #hungary

Janice Faye Rosen

Hello everyone,

My name is Janice Rosen and I am >from Washington, DC.  I just joined
the Hungarian Special Interest Group email list.  I am a member of a
couple of other JewishGen lists.

I searching for information on my paternal grandmother's family, who
was >from Hungary.  Grandma's maiden name was Minnie Felder (she
married Sam Rosenblatt >from Austria in 1913).  Grandma Minnie came
from Hungary with her parents Louis and Esther (nee Schirmer or
Sherman) Felder in April 1894 when she was only 2 years old.  Louis
was a tailor in NYC or Brooklyn and worked at Hart, Shaeffner, and
Marx, and GGG mens stores.  Neither Louis nor Esther learned to speak
English.  They spoke only Yiddish even after coming to America.  They
never talked about life in Hungary or exactly where they were from.
Grandma Minnie got a good public school education in New York City
Public Schools during the 1890's and 1900's and was equally fluent in
Yiddish and English.  When I was a child and I would ask Grandma
Minnie to tell me about her parents and what she remembered about
them.  She did not know where in Hungary they came >from and said she
could not remember much about them.   All she could say is how much
Louis and Esther loved children.  Louis was born in Hungary in 1865
and died in New York around 1927. Esther was born in Hungary in 1862
and died in New York in 1933.   I do not know if Louis and Esther
Felder ever  became US Citizens.  My father saw his grandparents Louis
and Esther on occasion and loved them but they could not communicate
as my father did not speak Yiddish so he could not tell me much about
his grandparents.  (His parents would translate on the visits to the

I am trying to find out more about Louis and Esther Felder's ancestors
and where they lived in Hungary.   I need advice on how I might
proceed.   Non of the relatives who might know are currently living.
Felder is a common name and Hungary had a large Jewish population and
many towns.   So I was wondering if any one on this list might have
some information on the people I am describing here or where I might
look that would narrow down the search of all the Felders and
Schirmers (or Shermans) who would have been living in Hungary before

Thank you.

Janice Rosen
Washington, DC

searching FELDER and SCHIRMER or SHERMAN in Hungary (sorry I can't be
specific about the town or region)

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