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After 20 years of searching for my Grandfather , a researcher found his baptismal Certificate:

My Grandfather is :
Jozsef GANSLER Baptised on Sept 1886 in Gyarmat, Gyor, Hungary with his father being Jozsef GANSLER and mother Erzse VARGA.

As I searched this same record, I see what I think is his brother Istvan GANSLER that was baptised on Aug 13, 1884 in Gyarmat, Gyor, Hungary.  But, I am thinking someone made a mistake on the record which is in a digital folder numbered 004620891 on line # 55 of the Hungary Catholic Church Records, 1636-1895.

It shows that his  Father is Gyorgy Gansler and mother Rozi Daczki.  My Grandfather's brother Steven (Istvan) was born 2 days prior to this baptism so I am thinking that this may be him (since he is not being found any where else) and what is showing as the mother and father may have really been his Godparents (that were his aunt and uncle Mr and Mrs Gyorgy GANSLER.)  This may be far-fetched but could anyone be able to look at these records that may have access to them to see if who I think should show up as Father would have been Jozsef Gansler.

Any other Ganzler researcher that may be related --PLEASE contact me.

Thank you,
Cynthia I. Gonsler/Zofchak
(Gansler was the correct spelling
but they changed it to GONSLER
when arriving to the US.)

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