Re: Hungarian colonial? #hungary


"angro" in hungarian means wholesale, and is french loan word, "en gros".

i haven't heard the term "kolonial" used in hungarian in quite that
context before. i would expect it to be a geo-political term, rather
than in business. you might ask yiddish speakers what it would have

strictly speaking, hungary didn't have "colonies", although the
natives of slovakia, romania, yugoslavia, etc. might see things
differently, but such political discussions are beyond the scope of
this list.

....... tom klein, toronto

steve725@... wrote:

I'm translating a biography of Sabina Lakser, a Yiddish actress >from Iasi,

It mentions in Yiddish that her father was the owner of a "angro-kolonial"
business. Can anyone with some familiarity with this term, or at least
"angro" let me know if this could somehow be translated as "Hungarian
colonial" business, or if not, what it might mean?

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