Families JAKAB and FRIED: Cauas, Romania #hungary


I looking for advice on doing Hungarian geneology.

My grandmother Regina JAKAB was born in Ermindszent (also known as
Adyfalva), Hungary in 1899. The current name of the village is Ady
Endre (in Romanian). At the time of the Austria-Hungary Empire, the
village was in the Szilagy county. It is now a village in Satu Mare
county, Romania. The village is in the commune of Cauas.

Her parents were Jozef JAKAB and Magdelena FRIED.

My grandmother later lived in Zagreb, Croatia and finally in Sydney, Australia.

I am reasonably experienced in doing German and Dutch genealogy, but a
complete novice at Hungarian genealogy. I am experienced in using the

I have already located the reference to Ady Endre in the International
Jewish Cemetery Project and I'm considering my options about that.

Any practical advice would be appreciated.

Richard Dahl
Rehovot, Israel

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