Question re a book about Pecs, Hungary #hungary

Jenny Schwartzberg

Dear JGenners,

I am beginning to do research for a family friend on her family >from Pecs, Hungary.  I found her grandparents' marriage record referenced in the index to this book:
ForrÃ¥sok PÊcs vÃ¥ros polgÃ¥rosodÃ¥sÃ¥ról (1867â??1921) 
It was apparently published in 2010 and does not appear to be in an US library.  I was wondering if any of you had access to it and could check for what appears to be page 377 for the following entry:

157.  Kempfner Lipót kereskedÅ? Ês Spitzer IrÊn hÃ¥zassÃ¥gi szerzÅ?dÊse  377

I found the index at the following webpage:

Since their son was born in 1896 this record should be before that date.  JewishGen's Hungary database does not hold the marriage record for the couple so I really want to know what this book says about their marriage.  Before getting my friend to order it, I am hoping someone on this list might have access to it.

Yours cordially,
Jenny Schwartzberg
Chicago, IL

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