my battery factory in Serbia #hungary


As I reported a while back I visited Serbia a couple of years ago.
I have been independently told first by my genealogist , and subsequently by my guide Stasa Cnetkovic that I am actually the owner of a derelict battery factory in Subotica.
The factory was established by my greatgrandmother's brother Andrija Allein, in the 1930s but stripped >from him in about 1940 by the Hungarians when they regained the area, because he was Jewish.  After WWII the Yugoslavian government returned the factory to the family, but Andrija was dead so they gave it to his sister Elisabeth.  They then stripped it >from her on the grounds that the factory should be "people's property" and she had had no business surviving the Holocaust.
(She was rescued by Rudolph Kasztner).  When the communist government fell it was decided to return property to the rightful owners.
According to my guide, I am already the owner, and the paperwork to put title in my name would be simple.
I visited the site in 2010.  It is currently empty and being used as a campsite for homeless people.
Although a couple of relatives are actually interested in taking ownership, a friend of mine pointed out that the site is probably seriously contaminated by mercury and such.  It seems to me that it is the Serbian government which would benefit >from my taking over the property.  Serbia is trying to get into the EU perhaps a bit late and one of the requirements is probably cleaning up toxic sites.  And then there is property tax to collect.
So I find it amusing that I am the rightful owner of a former battery factory in Serbia, but I have decided to not to claim it.
Sincerely Erica Hahn
Monrovia Ca

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