Recommendations, hire tour guide or genealogist? #hungary

Jake Jacobs

Looking for recommendations/experiences touring Hungary and Romania with an expert. Would you
recommend hiring a genealogist or a tour guide? Would you recommend two experts (one Hungarian, one
Romanian), or just one?

Would like someone knowledgeable about Jewish history in the area. Plan to visit Budapest (mother's birthplace and visit to rabbinic school, which g'grandfather attended); Erdobenye (Zemplin district), g'father's birthplace; Celldomolk (g'grandfather lived here); Somoskoujfalu,birthplace of g
g'grandfather; and Arad, Romania (birthplace of g'grandparents).

May reply privately, if you wish. Thanks so much!

Diane Jacobs
Austin, Texas
jake6621 at hotmail dot com

Moderator: General recommendations should be sent to the list but if you have suggestions re. specific
guides or researchers, please contact Diane off-list.

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