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Micah Salb

Dear Marshall:

We are deeply indebted to the rabbis who did this extraordinary project and=
to you for your work on Uzhhorod generally, including bringing attention t=
o this corner of the world, and for your upcoming photographic work.


Micah Salb

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Subject: [h-sig] Uzhhorod (Ungvar) Cemetery update

Dear Sub-Carpathia researchers,

As I have mentioned in my recent "Trip Reports," the Uzhhorod (Ungvar) cem=
etery has looked like "Jurassic Park" with most of its tombstones inaccess=
ible. This has been a subject of concern to many researchers interested in=
finding and photographing their ancestors' burial places therein. Further=
more, recent visitors were unable to reach any of the stones due to the se=
vere overgrowth on the cemetery grounds---a common problem throughout Sub-=
Carpathia for many abandoned cemeteries.

However, I am pleased to announce that over the past month, the Uzhhorod
(Ungvar) cemetery has been cleared of its severe overgrowth to allow acces=
s to all of the plots and tombstones. This mitzvah was funded by a rabbi f=
rom upstate New York, who has no relatives in the Uzhhorod
(Ungvar) cemetery, but had a keen interest in seeing that the deceased who=
are buried there have their final resting place properly cared for.=20
He contacted fellow rabbi >from Brooklyn, with experience managing restorati=
ons in Sub-Carpathia, to oversee this cemetery project that was completed =
last week.=20

Some grass and small twig cuttings remain for the spring, but the cemetery=
is fully accessible now. Needless to say, clearing the cemetery of the ov=
ergrowth and dealing with the large piles of cut trees and brush was an ex=
tremely time-consuming task.

Plans are underway to repair the breaches in the stone wall surrounding th=
e cemetery which permitted "unauthorized access" to it and hopefully, putt=
ing a stop to the removal of any more tombstones. Additionally, many tombs=
tones have fallen due to age or vandalization. Plans are underway to erect=
them. Sadly, in some instances, the top sections of the tombstones were r=
emoved, only the bases remain.

In 2013, I plan to photograph all of the tombstones in the Uzhhorod
(Ungvar) cemetery.=20

For your viewing, I made a small slide show of 14 images taken today and o=
ne image showing one of the breaches in the cemetery wall, yet to be repai=

Here is the link for the slide show:=20

< >=20

Feel free to contact me off list if you have any questions.

Very respectfully,
Marshall KATZ
Sub-Carpathia SIG coordinator =20

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