Budapest deportation lista1951. #hungary


Hi Siggers,
I got this link >from the Hungarian family-tree researching list:

This list was made about those people who were deported >from Budapest in 1951 by the communists, among them a lot of wealthy Jewish people.

from this month I became the leader of the Library of Jewish University in Budapest.
I hope I'll be able to help you in the next years.
sincerely yours 

Szego Agnes
librarian, historian

Researching: SAUERBRUNN, FRISCH (Domony, Alsoabrany, Verpelet, Eger, Demend, Petervasara), HELLENBERG, DICKER (Tolcsva, Gava, Viss, Debrecen), Weisz (Satoraljaujhely, Kemencze), ROTH (Satoraljaujhely), WEISZMANN (Ramocsahaza), DEUTSCH (Tiszaszollos, Tiszaors), KOHN (Tiszaszentimre, Tiszaörs), KLEIN (Tarnabod, Bekolcze, Nagymihaly), SPIELBERG/ER (Nagyfuged, Egerlovo), SCHVARTZ (Onga, Egerlovo)

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