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Marian Brown

Dear All,

My great grandfather, Israel Zinner (Czin?) was born about 1850 in Huncovce. He had four wives but
my great grandmother was Resi Pauker. My grandmother was Frieda Zinner, was born in Spisska Nova Ves and emigrated in 1895. The surname Pollak also occurs in this group.

I am curious to know who Harry Zinn is and if there is a connection to my Zinners.

Sorry but I have no additional information about Huncovce, My grandmother was more "German" than
my other ancestors who came >from eastern Slovakia.

Loved the travelogue!

Marian Huebschman Brown
Cincinnati, Ohio

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To H-SIGgers,

It has taken me a long time to update the KehilaLinks website for the
once famous Yeshiva town of Hunsdorf/Huncovce, Slovakia, second only
in its time to the Pressburg Yeshiva of the Chatam Sofer.

It is possible there are still many people whose male relatives once
attended this yeshiva, since even a few traveled all the way >from the
USA to attend.

My biggest disappointment is not being able to find a photo of that
famous yeshiva in its heyday I have posted a photo of what the
building looks like today (sadly, rather rundown).

What people might find particularly interesting is an excerpt >from a
travelogue of Mr. Charles OFFER (Family name sometimes spelled, UFER,
OFER as well). He was born in Huncovce in 1851 but left as a teenager
to emigrate to the USA. However, 1888, he undertook the major effort
to visit his family back there, traveling >from San Francisco
cross-country by train, then ship across the ocean, and more trains to
reach his destination. While English was not his first language, with
help >from his descendent, Stuart OFFER who sent me a copy of the
travelogue, I have transcribed it and it makes fun reading. On, there is
a link to a PDF for that part of the travelogue,

I'd be interested to hear >from anyone whose family members may have
either lived there or studied there once upon a time. Also, anyone
who has photos/documents/stories to share.


Madeleine Isenberg
Beverly Hills, CA

GOLDMAN in parts of Galicia such as: Nowy Targ, Wachsmund, possibly
Krakow, Poland, who migrated into Kezmarok or Nagy Eor/Nehre/Straszky,
both now in Slovakia.
Also family names of STEINER, LANGER, GLUECKSMAN, who married into the
GOLDMAN family, and also lived in Slovakia.
GOLDSTEIN in Abaujszina (now Sena) and Kosice, Slovakia; Tolcswa,
Hungary; Temeswar
(very briefly!), Romania

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