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Dear Lew,

Being a native speaker of Hungarian and a Jewish genealogist my answer is
definitely: NO!
Miskolc is spelled as Miskolc and not as Miskolcs. A person >from Miskolc
(pronounced as Meeshkolts) would be referred to in German and Yiddish as
'Miskolcer' (Meeshkoltser). Someone not knowing any bit of Hungarian (whose
mother tongue had been Yiddish or German), might have pronounced it as
(Meehskolker) without any s after the 'k'.


Karesz Vandor

Hungarian Roots
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Subject: Question on a theory on the origin of the surname Meixler
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Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2013 21:18:54 -0600 (CST)
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Dear Hungary SIG,


I'll bet the place name Miskolc(s?) is theanswer. I once had a summer job in
a place where everyone else but mespoke Hungarian, so I learned a bit about
the language. Although neither the"c" or "cs" sounds are pronounced like an
English"x", it's plausible that the last part of the town's name
wasmispronounced as a "ks" by non-Hungarians. So a person >from Miskolcswould
be a Miskolcser, which would be pronounced as "Miskolxer",which would
explain how the "x" got in there. Then it probably wassimplified to its
current form. This could well have happened while your familywas still in
Hungary, because it was under foreign rule for so much of itshistory.


Dear Hungary SIG
This is a really interesting theory. Do you think it is correct?
Lew Meixler

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