Re: Records for Zemplen County #hungary


Subject: Records for Zemplen County
The census listed the town in Zemplen county as Sokut. I am assuming
that this is also known as Szeged.


Sokut (actually, Sókut) is not the same as Szeged, which is in Hungary
proper, not Slovakia. Check the 1882 gazetteer at for a complete list of towns in Zemplen; the
town is shown on Google Maps as Sol' (with an apostrophe), just northwest of
Vranov nad Topl'ou (a.k.a Varannó). As with many towns in Zemplen, they may
have not had enough Jews to register as a significant community. To get it
listed for JGFF, you will just need to prove it exists.

Steve Stein
Highland Park, NJ

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