Re: Question on a theory on the origin of the surname Meixler #hungary


i would say the short answer is not likely - at least not in hungarian.

miskolc is pronounced meesh-koltz, and even if it were reversed in
that way, meek-sholtz would not be written with an x, which, as far
as i know, is only used in loanwords in hungarian. (miksa is the
hungarian version of maximilian.)

likewise, i don't believe that yiddish uses x, as such. (for
example, FUCHS would be written peh-vav-kuf-samech?)

and the -ler suffix is usually an occupation. the similarity to
WECHSLER (origin: old german for money changer) might be a clue.

but that's just my opinion.

....... tom klein, toronto

lmeixler@... wrote:

I asked Dr. Nathan Reiss [Rutgers University], for his thoughts
about the origin of Meixler as a Jewish

Attached is a synopsis of his thoughts. I was wondering if anyone on
the Hungary SIG had any comments.

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