Letter From Zeteny #hungary

Mark Strauss

Dear H-Sig,
I just posted a letter for translation in viewmate, but I have not=20
received viewmate link, yet. The letter comes >from the Mayor of Zatin=20
(Zeteny) Slovakia.=A0 My family visited this area where my Strauss family=
originated, last Spring. The area was part of Hungary and now sits in=20
Southern Slovakia, about 10km >from Kralovsky Chlmec, near the Hungarian=20
Border.=A0 (Hungarian is still spoken in the community.)=A0 An article=20
about our visit was published in the Winter 2012 Issue of Avotaynu.=A0=20
This week we received this letter >from the Mayor with 50 pages of=20
images of the old Jewish Cemetery, many of the gravestones, and=20
townspeople cleaning the cemetery, which sits in a forested area, about=20
a mile >from the community. I assume the letter is in Hungarian but it=20
may be written in Slovak. I do not speak either language and would=20
appreciate if someone would provide a translation of the letter.=A0 If=20
anyone is also interested in copies of the photos, I plan to scan the=20
stack and make a pdf of the series.=A0 Please email me, and I will send=20
pdf.=A0 Thank you.
Mark Strauss in New York City=A0

Mark Strauss
(STRAUSS >from Zeteny/Zatin Slovakia; BERKOVITS >from Humenne)

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