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Hello Friends -

At the moment, I actually don't have a question for the group, but I have to share
something with you. I have recently been trying to search genealogical information
for another part of the world, and it is atrocious..... limited and missing
resources, websites and e-mails closed, no answers, etc..... absolutely frustrating
. I had assumed that H-SIG was standard, as that was the only experience I had.
Let me tell you that our H-SIG and the affiliated Hungarian connections are FANTASTIC,
far superior to many other organizations.

If you have not already made a contribution in some way to H-SIG, please allow me
the liberty of encouraging you to do so. Anyone who has been "elsewhere" in the
genealogical realm, you truly understand what a gem we have here. I have a new
appreciation and respect for the hard workers here.

Michele Sankar
Ontario, Canada

Moderator: Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Michele. We are all H-SIG and
without your contributions it would have been impossible to grow the Hungary database
and to provide continuing assistance to those looking for their roots in pre-Trianon
Hungary. If you can contribute time to our indexing projects please contact H-SIG
Coordinator Vivian Kahn <vkahn@kmort.com> or Vital Records Coordinator Sarah Fuerstein
<sfeuerstein@talmon.ca>. If you can't help with indexing,you can support H-SIG by
donating to the H-SIG General Fund or to our individual projects at

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