Re: Looking for information about Bekes Jewish community #hungary


Diane, it seems that I am the person you are looking for. My wife and I
spent some time in Bekes thirteen years ago, searching for my ancestors. The
people there were very helpful; the mayor took us to the Jewish cemetery,
which was kept in excellent condition; that was quite unusual. Of course,
they knew that we were coming: we wrote in advance, asking for their help,
and offered some contribution to a worthy local cause. The mayor even made a
restaurant reservation for us, wanted to treat us as his guests, and was
mildly disappointed when we declined (we made some reasonable excuse about
time pressure, which was true, and did not mention our main concern
regarding kashrut). But most important, and this is what you wanted to know,
there is no such thing as a Jewish community now. There is, or was then, one
old Jewish woman, a Holocaust survivor, perhaps the only survivor >from the
town; she was born Rozsa Geller, married Imre Weinberger. Upon her return
from the camps, finding herself a widow, she married a local peasant, and
lived with her new non-Jewish family in a small house in town. My
recollection of these facts may not be fully correct: perhaps you can get
the mayor to take you to her, if she is still alive. If you wanted to learn
more about our trip there, you are encouraged to read my book "Conversations
with my Ancestors", available on Amazon.

Wishing you a productive and enjoyable trip

Andrew Sanders
Toronto / Haifa

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