MANDEL from the Humenne area #hungary


I am trying to help a friend research his family that once lived in a
town outside Humenne, which is now in Slovakia. His family eventually
settled in Detroit via Montreal but before that were taken in 1942 to
a Polish concentration camp (don't know which one). According to
recorded testimony given by the grandmother, Frida ZALMONOVICH MANDEL,
born about 1912, they were able to escape through a combination of
bribery and bravery. In the process, her husband (Alexander Mandel)
was killed. At the end of the war, Frida is reunited with her son (born
about 1936) whose name was Joseph but used the name Tommy.

I have yet to find any immigration information but do believe they
entered the USA about 1956 and were naturalized in 1961 but I could be
off by some years. I also believe the naturalization was done in
Detroit, MI.

My friend is hoping to go to Slovakia to find evidence of his family
but would definitely benefit >from learning some more facts before
going. His grandmother never told the family any details but I did
find his grandfather's tombstone in the Humenne Jewish Cemetery and it
says his Hebrew name was Binyamin (Alexander) son of Moshe Mandel.
Binyamin (Alexander) was born in 1902.

Also any suggestions as to where he might be able to go once in
Slovakia would be greatly appreciated. I am sure if he knew which
hometown his family was from, it would be a much more meaningful trip.

Thank you for your help.
Rishy Savin

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