Re: Visas #research


Errol asked "Does the Government retain the files of applications and interview notes?
Which branch of Government would retain these documents?"

As noted by others, the approved visa applications and supporting documents in 1927 were filed in the USCIS Visa Files, 1924-1944, available today via USCIS.  But you asked if it would include "interview notes," and that is an important distinction. The USCIS Visa Files contain a copy of the application form with all required supporting documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, military service records, etc.).  Other than information entered onto the application form by State Department officials regarding other documents seen, there is nothing in the USCIS Visa Files resembling "interview notes."

The State Department does not appear to have kept their copies of the visa applications or related notes.  US Consular records occasionally contain logs or registers referencing visa applicants, but not actual files.  However, State Department "visa files" correspondence at the National Archives in College Park, MD, does include discussion of certain complicated cases.  


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