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Dear Tom,

You are right: Stalino is today Donetsk city in the Donbas (Donetsk)
basin. The nr. 280. POW and labor camp was near the city. I found some
data about it:

This is a very interesting site about the GULAG (unfortunately in

The following databases will be useful :

Hope I could help.


Andras Gyekiczki

Erd, Hungary

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My late father was captured by the red army and put into a prisoner of war
camp, and didn't return home until 1947. i found one record with his name
in the jewishgen all-hungary database, >from after the war, which lists his
whereabouts in september 1946, as "280/26.
stalino-dombasz tabor"

"stalino-dombasz" could possibly be donetsk (renamed after stalin's death),
which did have a donbass palace hotel, used by the gestapo as their
headquarters under the german occupation. the only other geographic point
of reference that i have is that at some time he was in, or near, odessa.
1) does anybody know if "280/26" was forced labour unit or a camp or a
postal address? and is there any documentation whatsoever about it?

2) is there any list of prisoner of war camps in the soviet union,
particularly where jews >from the forced labour battalions might have been

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