Re: Felso"zsolca and the Holocaust #hungary


felso zsolca is just outside miskolc. (about 1 km >from the city
limit.) it sounds like she was buried there, either because her
husband who predeceased her was buried there, or because she was
originally >from zsolca, and had family or property there.

as far as i know, when jews were forced to live in ghettos, they were
removed >from the smaller towns and villages, and into bigger centres,
which became the collection points for deportation to the death camps.

........ tom klein, toronto

ps. note that older records would use the older spelling of "zsolcza".

Michele Sankar wrote:

I just discovered my GGgrandmother's sister, Rozsa WEINBERGER/Mrs.
Lipot GLOCKNER (thanks to looking for variations in spellings) in
the JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry. It lists her death
as May 10, 1940, in Miskolc. There is a comment in the record,
however, that she was a widow and was shipped to Felso"zsolca.
Is there anyone who can please enlighten me about this? Was there a
camp there? Were there already deportations to camps in Hungary in
1940? Forgive my ignorance, but the rest of my family members at
wartime were in Budapest, so I don't have a familiarity with this
part of the country at all.

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