Names embroiling (was RES: The name Rezi) #hungary


Just to clarify:
Reza is not a Hungarian male name, it is Iranian.
Rezso" is a Hungarian male name and means Rudolf.=20
Rezsi can be a short form of Regina.
Regina is a Latin name meaning "queen" and the Yiddish equivalent is =
since Regina was a name of a Catholic Saint, many Jews changed their =
name to
Re'zi is the short form of Tere'z (Theresia)
Ro'zsi is the Hungarian diminutive of Ro'zsa (Rose)
Reisel is the Yiddish cognate of Rose
Rozi is the Hungarian diminutive of Roza'lia=20

(All the above prove how important are the ligatures and accents in
Hungarian which are not rendered by JewishGen's server)

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