STERN (Kemecse) & HE'GER (Munkacs) #hungary


Hello -

I am helping a family friend, a Holocaust survivor, find out about her family history, She and her sister were teenagers in the camps and they lost their entire family. We are hoping to find out more about her ancestry, as well as any information about other family who perished. We managed to learn some things >from our wonderful H-SIG anfd JewishGen databases, but perhaps someone knows more.

Her father's side is STERN, >from Kemecse and Nyiregyha'za in the Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg part of the country. Father was Ferenc, 1900 - 1944, and he had a brother Moricz, born in 1907. Ferenc's parents were Farkas STERN (1875 - 1944) and Betty KLEIN (1880 - 1944, >from Kemecse). Farkas had siblings:

Regi (b. 1877)
Ignatz (b. 1879)
Samu (b. 1880)
Aranka (b & d 1886)

Their parents were Fabian STERN (1811 - 1885) and Pepi Rubenstein.

My friend`s mother was Hele`n He`ger, born 1894 in Munkacs, and was murdered in 1944. The only other thing that we know is that her mother was Lea.

If any of this sounds familiar, please let me know.

As well, I`m wondering if travelling village photographers kept copies of their pictures. My father`s grandparents in southern Hungary had their photos taken by a photographer who went around each year to re-create wedding photos and such. I thought that perhaps there was a slim chance of something remaining >from Kemecse, as our friend has no photos of any of her past family.

Thank you to you all.

Michele Sankar

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