Question for the Moderator #hungary


Dear Moderator,

Thanks for your hard work!

With my recent inquiry about a wedding record it seems that a lot of
work has been done unnecessarily -- people were repeating others'
results but one knew it as I requested a private reply. There were some
variations which helped, so this was definitely not all for naught...
and my problem was not the translation but simply reading the script.

I also sent a thank you/end of thread statement at about Wed, 3am
Pacific Time, but I realize that that takes some time to appear.

Am I missing something in formal "engine" of how this all works?

Thanks again,

Todd Edelman

Skype: toddedelman

Moderator: Although this comment was addressed to your Moderator, it is being
passed on to subscribers because Todd does, in fact, appear to understand how the
discussion lists are intended to work. Responses to a query that is within the
scope of the list (e.g. translation of Hungarian vital records) are posted if the
sender would benefit >from feedback >from subscribers that may also be of interest to
other subscribers. Once responses become duplicative or stray >from the main topic
(e.g. the derivation of Hebrew rather than Hungarian names), the Moderator may stop
the discussion and/or request that additional responses are sent off-list to the
subscriber who posted the original query. Due to the number of different time zones
from which messages are sent and received and the fact that messages are not
always moderated on the day they are received, there may be what appears to be
an inordinate delay between the time a message is sent and when it appears. Your
patience, understanding, and cooperation is always appreciated!
a message is

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