A Great Big Thank You #hungary

Highman Heather

Dear fellow Genners,

I would like to thank all those who have helped me find and advance my =
family tree, all the way back to looking for my Ritter family, which the =
Rubin family did so much to put me in touch with the children =
of Eman and Pat Ritter, Lisa and Eric. as well as all the helpful and =
kind people of the different Sigs , on the way thinking laterally, in =
Israel and the States and South America. and just recently, when I was =
looking for the marriage certificate of my Neumann Grandparents , Beth =
Long and Judy Peterson, and Traude Treibel helped me and found and sent =
me the info i was looking for .
A great big thank you to every one , and a happy Chanukah to all,
Best wishes , Heather Highman=

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